Tips on paint protection

I wanted to explore some ways to save your cars paint, we pay a lot of money for our vehicles and the first thing anyone notices about your car is your paint. To have your car repainted can cost you a lot of money, so why not do preventative maintenance to ensure long lasting life? Here’s a few things you can do to help protect your car. Try to always park your car in the garage keeping it away from the suns harmful rays, if you can’t do that than look into buying a car cover. One of the issues with this is you don’t always have the luxury of parking your car in the garage or putting a cover over it. Driving down the highway in Arizona you are bound to have some rocks come up and hit your car denting and scratching your paint, there are not very many things we can do to stop that. However we can try, drive a good distance behind any car in front of you, if you can try to not have any cars ahead of you at all stay to the side of them and avoid being stuck behind a semi as much as possible. A lot of stress trying to do every little thing you can to save your cars paint, best thing to do is eliminate the stress and that’s what I am all about, putting the top of the line clear polyurethane¬†over your paint gives your car a much better chance keeping it safe from UV damage and those annoying rocks flying up at you on the highway. Give me a call to see what I can do for you!