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Don’t Worry About Door Dings In Parking Lots

So many of us have began to forget looking for front row parking spaces, and started to park as far away form other cars as possible to avoid having your vehicle doors get banged up by that card door who parked next to you.  A car door getting slammed into by another car door is not only annoying, but expensive!  A repair for a parking lot door ding averages between $500-$1200!  The days of leaving notes on cars are pretty much over too, so the cost of this repair is yours, and not worth an insurance claim.

With that being said above, for a door ding that is less than 1/2 long — so many pf these don’t get repaired, and the vehicle’s look is prematurely aged.  An independent study was done, and 85% of people who have a dinged up car on the outside, tend to not clean and maintain the car as they do with a nice looking car.

Protect A Shield is exactly that, a shield protecting your investment.  The clear paint protecting film can be installed in key areas that usually are subject to rock chips, sand and flying debris.  We can also protect your entire vehicle’s paint against a lot of traumas paint often endures such as parking lot door dings.  Paint preventative maintenance is just a smart thing to do.  It is far more affordable to preventively protect your paint, than having an auto body shop repair paint that has been chipped.  Also with the statistics of 85% or people taking better care of the automobile’s overall heath when the paint looks good, this exterior preventative maintenance can also help preserve the mechanical life of your vehicle due to being better maintained with oil changes etc…

We also offer a windshield service that helps protect against cracked windshields!

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Author: Tyra Wade

Date 07/17/2017