Paint protect and car bra fitted to black Mercedes Benz in Scottsdale AZ

My New Car Just Got A Rock Chip On The Hood!

This phrase is one that many of us are way to common with.  Fortunately, we have a solution to this.  We know and understand that automobiles, Boats, anything painted is expensive — and only getting more expensive.  We help to protect your investment to look better and newer longer.  Our paint and windshield protectant is able to withstand strong and powerful rock and debris from damaging your vehicle’s paint and protecting your windshield as well.  

We know how to virtually eliminate rock chips on your car! OUR PAINT PROTECTION PRODUCT!

Protect-A-Shield is certified installer of 3M, Suntek and Xpel paint protection/clear bra for cars productsProven to be the best performing PPF product on the market based on seven years of field performance in some of the most challenging environments on earth, including desert conditions like Saudi Arabia.

The only PPF product resistant to staining from: insects, chemicals, and acids rain. Recognized by multiple automotive OEMs as a qualified PPF product, suitable for assembly plant installation. Excellent product extensibility, installation flexibility and limited Lifetime Warranty.

Protects the high impact painted surface areas of your vehicle.

Virtually invisible
Adds resale value

It is better to proactively protect your vehicle’s paint and windshield rather than fixing chips and broken windshields.  I know of a person who didn’t have this protectant applied, got a small chip in her brand new 2015 Mercedes CLS.  She took the car into a body shop and was kindly charge $1500.00 for a chip the size of half a kernel of corn.  Paint now on these vehicles, boats, cars, trucks etc… is made up of several different processes and coats which makes repairs very costly.  

We are able to provide you peace of mind from flying rocks and debris damaging your car’s surface prematurely.  

We have a clear bra that shields just the front of your car too; ask us about it.

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