Protect-A-Shield are certified installers of paint protection film, window tint and windshield skins for cars using 3M, Suntek, XPEL, and Nano Fusion films in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Protect Your Investment

Protect your investment from rocks, sand, bugs, and road debris

Scottsdale, AZ certified Clear Bra installers.

Cars and trucks cost a lot of money, and Protect A Shield is in the business of keeping them looking newer — longer. We do this by applying special film to the paint and even the windows to make them stronger and resilient against scratches, chips and those annoying rocks that fly off big trucks, damaging your auto paint and cracking your windshield. Our product is even able to heal itself after being damaged by flying debris, and your paint stays virtually flawless, shiny and never needing to be waxed again! Protection, auto preventative maintenance and no more paint chips on the hood!


Protect Your Investment


Our self-healing film will protect against:

  • Sand, rock & road debris
  • Stain protection from bugs, rain and road grime
  • Minimize bumper damage caused by minor fender benders
  • Improve paint appearance with added gloss and sheen
  • Prevent scuffs along rear bumper caused by loading & unloading

What Our Customers Say:

” The installers at Protect-A-Shield were very particular. They spent the time going over their installation on my car, making sure the finished product was pristine.”

– JJ Martinez


Why Us?

Scottsdale, AZ Clear Bra installation experts! Paint and Windshield protection, preserving the life of automobile paint by applying our breakthrough technology for paint protection applications.  We offer paint protection that actually self healsitself when hit by rocks or debris! We also offer paint protection for boats, motorcycles and more! We can install our paint protection product to only parts of your vehicle, such as the bumper & hood, or wrap your entire car!  For the best paint protection, Clear Bra services in Scottsdale, please contact us.

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Our Services

Clear bra, car bra and paint protection films installers in Scottsdale AZ

Paint Protection

  • Prevention from sand and rock chips
  • Stain protection from bugs, rain and road grime
  • Reduce scratches caused by keys near door handle
  • Protect your investment.
Paint protection, car bra and clear bra products ranging from 3M clear bra, Xpel clear bra and Suntek clear bra


  • SunTek
  • SunTek Ultra
  • Nano-Fusion
  • Protect your investment.
  • Quality installation.


  • Standard Package
  • Performance Package
  • Ultimate Package
  • Platinum Package
  • Many More Options Available

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